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I will never forget as a young girl, dreaming of a luxury wedding in a big palace, surrounded by my family and my little friends; granted my prince at the time was a famous Thai celebrity who was a lot older than me… but still I never forget the magical feeling my imagination granted me, the fairytale wedding every girl dreams of, a luxury event that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Fast forward to the present and here I am as a luxury wedding planner in Phuket, Thailand, all grown up but that inner sparkle still remains, albeit now it’s there to share with others, channeling those magical feelings to create the weddings of other girl’s dreams.

Step 1 to Plan the Perfect Wedding in Phuket, Thailand.

You know what they say… Location, location, location! Before anything else you need to settle on what area of Thailand you want to visit. The main destination wedding areas are Phuket, Krabi, Samui, and Chang Mai, probably in that order. Each area offers great locations and activities for your wedding, so this is something that should be discussed with your wedding planner who can help you decide on what’s best for you and your guests. I should note, Phuket weddings are by far the most popular, and I’ll normally recommend the location for overseas visitors; it’s usually people who already live in the above locations who choose to marry, far outside of Phuket

Once you settle on the perfect location for your luxury wedding in Thailand, the real work of your wedding planner can begin! I personally have a database of the best properties to host your special day, a mix of private luxury villas, hotels, and even secluded island locations. Depending on your budget and recommendations, I will present a list of options for you, these locations usually have a lot of rooms for your main guests, and in the case of hotel events, all of the guests can stay together. When choosing the right location, you should also consider the kind of holiday activities you will arrange, these are details we will discuss with you in our initial chats. Once we get your accommodation and wedding venue out of the way, it’s time to move on to the concept and the real wedding planning.

Coming Up with the Concept for Your Unique Wedding in Phuket, Thailand. 

Every wedding is unique, every couple has different tastes and every wedding in my opinion should have some of your own special sauce that connects directly with your family and friends in attendance. Through extensive communication we will get to know each other and based on my own experiences I can help spur on your own ideas, as well as share my own, together working out how we can reignite that magical feeling in everyone’s hearts as the day goes by. 

A dream wedding should not be a set of formalities, it should feel special, and personal, and touch everyone’s soul as they join you on the journey, of what could be the best day of your life. 

As important as having some concept is to the wedding, don’t let yourself get caught up on overthinking it, the concept can be as simple as a typical luxury wedding, whether it’s a western, Chinese, Jewish or traditional Thai wedding, you can garner inspiration from looking up the many Phuket luxury wedding videos you can see on YouTube. Show and tells us what you like best, then we can work on adding individual moments; for example, the first dance to your first song, special dress requests based on a period in your lives; or the growing in popularity, live video feeds for those who couldn’t make the journey but can be there with you via the internet, or even prerecorded video. Really the limits are your imagination and budget, as the Phuket wedding scene has so many possibilities!

Let’s Get the Wedding Ball Rolling
So now we’ve got a location, guest list and your concept ready to go! It’s time for your wedding planner in Phuket to do their work, hopefully that means the team at Stylish Events Phuket! At this
point we begin the real planning, talking to vendors, checking availabilities, pricing, and also giving you feedback on our planning process, so you can have as much say in the decision making as you wish for. Keep in mind the whole process is often fluid, if either party or new vendors such as videographers come up with new ideas during the planning process, we can run them by each other and keep refining until we reach perfection!
The vendors involved in a typical wedding involve Phuket’s premium catering experts, world-class chefs who will wow your guests with taste and presentation, lighting and sound experts who are key in setting the mood and tone of the day; entertainment teams which vary depending on your needs,
singers, musicians, fire-shows pyrotechnic displays, magicians, and the list goes on! Whatever you dream we can probably arrange it during our wedding planning phase.
Out of all of the vendors we are happy to put you in direct contact if you wish, however for the Makeup Artist, Photographer and Videographer, we highly recommend you talk to them directly before the wedding, as their style can be highly variable, and they usually need to have some guidance before the big day to guarantee delivering on your dream. The makeup artist especially needs to have the right makeup for you and anyone else they will be working their magic on. We have a database of only the best, and the best of the best of all of the above, depending on your budgets.

Wedding in Phuket Luxury wedding planner Thailand wedding Phuket wedding Stylish events phuket Phuket wedding planner

Planning Your Holiday

Now as crucial to the success of your big day everything above is, we can’t forget the wedding is typically only a sunset to late night event, and your guests are likely going to be spending a few days minimum in Phuket. As part of our process we can help plan your whole trip itinerary from the arrival to leaving, your guests can expect none stop unadulterated entertainment! Each day we will typically arrange amazing dining experiences at exciting locations; some island hopping where we show some of the real wonders of the natural world, pristine white sandy beaches, emerald, green crystal-clear waters, and towering limestone formations from the world’s Jurassic era provide unforgettable memories you will all talk about for the rest of your lives, again the possibilities are endless, and the fun has few limits! To plan the very best overall wedding trip we will discuss these things in the initial calls, while planning your wedding location.

Picking the Season

Thailand has a popular wedding season between November to April, during these months it’s a lot less likely to rain, especially January to March are the driest months of the year.

However, these are also the peak pricing times where all vendors and locations tend to increase prices somewhat; again we can advise on this specifically during the call. While the peak wedding season is the driest, it’s not to say it’s raining at other times of the year, we still have periods of great weather all year round, but it’s best to tell us your ideal dates and we can discuss it based on the current weather trends.–


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Why Plan Your Wedding in Phuket?

In case you’re still having second thoughts on just why you should choose to have your wedding in Phuket, of all the amazing places in the world, why this little island floating in the Andaman sea…

I’ve a simple answer for that… Overall, getting married on Phuket island can provide a unique and unforgettable experience for your whole group that combines natural beauty, cultural richness, and professional services, at near unbeatable prices! Your budget will go very far if you choose a Phuket wedding planning service, and every Thai Baht you spend will give great value towards a wedding that will likely make waves, all around the wedding industry.

Final Advice for Planning Your Phuket Wedding

I’m first of all very grateful you’ve taken the time to read my article, and Ihope by now you are considering to use my Phuket wedding planning service; I’d like to leave you with a few final key tips before you potentially take the next step of contacting me or moving on with your research. First of all, take a few minutes to think of some key things you want in your wedding, I’m sure you must have had some dreams for many years already, no matter how silly you think they might be, the chances are they will be endearing and make for beautiful moments during your day. Now have a bit of a think about your possible budget for the trip, and the wedding; this doesn’t have to be a firm number right away as  we will help guide you during the initial wedding planning phase. Don’t forget to discuss this with your other half, and maybe your most loved ones and once you’re ready, my team is ready and waiting for you.

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