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Our Services

At Stylish Events Phuket we provide everything you need to bring your dreams to life, and we do our best to make the process straightforward and dare we say it, fun! Most events are tailor made to your specifications; to make this possible a solid line of communication is essential, and the first stage of our process. Plan today so you can enjoy tomorrow; by the time we are finished your event will be all about you and your guests, with not a worry in the world as our team delivers after much rehearsal and planning.

Initial Planning stage

The first step in any wedding or event is of course understanding precisely what you want. We will generally do some video calls as well as having a direct line of communication open via any of the chat apps. There will be as much back and forth needed until you are happy with the plan we provide.  During the initial planning stage, our goal is to bring your vision to life, set a solid foundation, and provide you with expert guidance and support as you embark on your wedding planning journey

Vision and Concept Development

We will work closely with you to understand your vision, style, and overall concept for your wedding. We will help you articulate your ideas, identify key elements, and define the aesthetic direction for your special day

Design and Theme Inspiration

Our team will provide inspiration and guidance on design concepts, color palettes, and theme development to bring cohesion and a distinct personality to your celebration. 

Venue Scouting

Once we have the budget, concept and a plan of action; it’s time to find the best location. We have a database of locations already so quite likely we can provide this right away during our initial discussions. 

Vendor Recommendations

Depending on your concept and budget, we will form a team of Thailand’s top professionals, tried and tested masters of their arts. We have established relationships with a variety of reliable vendors in the industry. We will recommend trusted photographers, florists, caterers, make-up artist and other vendors who match your style and budget, ensuring a cohesive team to bring your wedding vision to life. 

Wedding Timeline and Checklist 

We will create a customized wedding timeline and checklist that outlines all the necessary tasks and deadlines leading up to your big day. This ensures nothing is overlooked and helps you stay organized throughout the planning process

Scheduling and Trips

Usually destination event guests will want to do more than just the event; so we can help you plan your trip with other memorable activities such as exotic dining, luxury boat trips to beautiful islands, and a lot more; all with our drivers and members of our team on watch to make sure the guests are safe and don’t miss anything. 


If you need accommodation for all guests, let us remove the headache and find the best deals based on your budget. We will help to coordinate with the hotel to get special group rate, terms, conditions and any essential information related to the hotel reservation.

Wedding Day Coordination

On the day you can expect our team Stylish Events Phuket to be there working from the outskirts, orchestrating the team that we’ve built together to guarantee a near perfect result. We also rehearse and rehearse as needed so when the time comes… everybody delivers with ease, and your day runs smoothly.